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"How to Sky Rocket Your Intuition with QiGong

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I'll be sharing little known energy tips and secrets to Sky Rocket your Intuition
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Plus amazing benefits for your body about this beautiful 'ageless mobility with ease' practice.

Join from the comfort of your home, no special clothes needed, 
easy to do virtually, small spaces work fine!
  • When: Saturday, June 5, 2021 11:30am Central, 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern
  • Where: LIVE INTERACTIVE Class on Zoom - A private link will be email for you to join the day of the FREE 90 minute MasterClass
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Rajenaira-Madalyn Kennedy

Just a litte about me in case you didn't already know. .
Why QiGong 

I love Qigong mostly because it helped me through my healing crisis with Epstein Barr Virus (my second attack actually) where I really thought it was the end. It had shut down my mind and body completely.

My Dr. encouraged me to “move my body” so begrudgingly I must admit, I started with easy and simple movements of QiGong and to my surprise, I could do it and it WORKED.

As Founder and CEO of Beloved Essences.com and Inner Light Guidance Coaching.com, and an Energy Arts Instructor who has been in the metaphysical, spiritual growth and mentorship communities for over 30 years, I have found that nothing compares to the many benefits and experiences Qigong provides for staying young, healthy, alive, active, and creatively inspired. We all are creative beings.

This is why I’m reaching out to you with this Free Master Class. 

Qigong, not only keeps your mind engaged and focused but its ease of pain free body movements for joint flexibility is vital to feeling and staying young. There are way too many benefits to QiGong to mention here but It helped to unlock a frozen shoulder and strengthen knees for me.

One of my favorite things about Qigong is that it can Skyrocket your Intuition which is perfect for empaths and sensitives which I work with a lot.

Since I’m in my 70’s, I firmly believe in the powerful Anti-aging effects that you receive from a regular Qigong practice. 

 The exciting thing is you continue to learn something new and amazing all the time about the gifts and talents we all carry that we seem to forget about. Especially the all important Body, Mind, Spirt or Soul Connections which Qi Gong refers to as Wisdom Center, Heart Center and Power Center that provide the wonderful benefits and ways to heal and connect inside and out. 
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