About how important it is for you to return to Egypt and how much you are loved and protected. 
In Egypt You Will Find Out About Ancient Egyptian Mystical Initiations, Activations and Symbols that Unlock the Pyramids Code Keys 
Lady Goddess Isis Egyptian Exclusive VIP Live Event and Spiritual Retreat Journeys
October 6-17, 2020 for 11 Day Experience 
Early Registration Open NOW! 


3 Amazing Fast Action Bonus'

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The Great Sphinx of Giza Has Much to Share

So many amazing things happen each and every journey we take to Egypt, the land of the Ancients.

The Guardian Sphinx channeled important information to me for three (3) days.

Here are chapters from my book, "The Divine Feminine Emergence-Mortal to Immortal", that I am happy to share with you.  

As you read these words from the Sphinx, feel the energy of the words and take them in through your heart center. Notice if they resonate with you

Would you like to:
  • Visit the Sacred Sites in Egypt
  • ​Discover your own Power 
  • ​Learn How to Allow a Stonger and Clearer Connection to your Divine Self
  • Receive VIP Treatment Everywhere you go throughout all of Egypt
  • ​Have the Holy Man from the Pyramids and his Twin Flame Accompany you during your 11 Day Awakening as your Personal Leaders who knows and understands the energy downloads, shifts and changes you will experience by just being on this ancient and powerful land. 


Twin Flame Planetary and Galactic Multi-Dimensional
Vibrational Evolve-ment & Celebration
Divine Feminine Spiritual Soul Quest Retreat
Connect with Twin Flame Powerful Healing Energies

Additionally - Special Optional Offer for Personal Ancient Spiritual Healing Ritual Meditation held at a sacred place in the Sahara desert at the oldest temple and crystal alter built on the earth’s root chakra ley line. This is an offering not able to be had anywhere in the world but in Egypt. A powerful, right of passage healing, is facilitated for those who are dedicated to the path of healing, spirituality and making a difference in the world. This a rare opportunity to tap into the secrets of the earth known to the connected ancients of the past. You can feel the hallowed knowledge buried in the area ruins of the ancient crystal altar,
Some of What You Will Experience 
Egyptian God RA & Goddess Isis Exclusively and Personally Invite YOU on this journey to the land of your beginnings. 

11 Egypt Experience  - Nile Cruse - Isis Temple, Valley of the Kings, Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Luxor, Kom Ombo, Aswan, Memphis, Sakkara, Dendara, Karnak, West and East Banks 

Live Personal Channeling Healing Sessions Plus Q & A time with Rajenaira - Madalyn and the Holy Man will be a mainstay as you progress along in your Spiritual Journey through the land of Egypt.
Experience and Discover information about your Egyptian lineage and Ancient Egyptian Teachings. 
Obtain a greater sense of purpose, re-purpose and be open to discovering a new direction of awakening and confidence with your next steps of transformation.

Optional Offer - Personal Special Sacred Ancient Healing Ritual at the Famous Crystal Altar 

If you feel you would like to be with us on one of our unique journeys, we would be thrilled to be your personal guides and welcome you to our family of love. 
Photo Credit: Lucie Hošová on Unsplash
Nile Cruise
Old familiar feelings of being in Egypt in Ancient times really come back to you when you are relaxed and easily cruising down the Nile.  The smell, the air, the sights of the papyrus reeds, the cattle grazing on the banks and witnessing the daily Egyptian ways on the River makes for a truly  unforgettable memory. 
 Our Primary Guides Though Egypt are Goddess Isis and RA
Rajenaira- Madalyn Kennedy is a Clear Channel for Isis and Ra, Spiritual Medium and Guide to Usher in this New time of Awareness and Awakening through the Divine Feminine and Twin Flame Energies . 

Isis and Ra along with all the other Egyptian Deities and Amazing Divine Beings of Light will come forward as needed for:

• Twin Flame Activation and Healing
• Special Global Healing & Meditations
• Portal Openings to Facilitate Raising Vibrational Energy Healing of All Trapped Energies from all Time Lines Multi-Dimensional
• Ceremonial shamanic anchoring of continual shifting in energies floating high above the lands and sacred places
• Sacred Sites and Nile River Attunments
• Crystalline Light Body Activation
• Ancient Egyptian Mystical Initiations
• Spiritual Symbols Download
• Secret Keys to Unlock the Pyramid Codes
• Awaken the Divine Feminine Heart Center
• Create Our Unity of One-ness

About Rajenaira - Madalyn 
Rajenaira -Madalyn (Dr. Madalyn Kennedy) has journeyed to Egypt since 1996. She discovered her re-connection to Egypt and its powers which caused her life to change dramatically when she met her Twin Flame, the Holy Man at Giza.
She is an intuitive, empath, and multi-versal channel. For more than two decades she has used her gifts and abilities to work with beings in other realms and dimensions, assisting others in recognizing and releasing old patterns and helping them to live more whole and integrated lives.

Rajenaira and her Twin Flame are Representatives for the Council of Ornack which is currently located in the Pleiades. They both are channel messengers for their High Level Spiritual Guides and regularly hosts sacred healing/meditation journeys to the Giza Pyramids and sacred sites on the Nile in Egypt. He was born with his spiritual gifts as was his father and uses the ancient mystery school ways of healing. He carries the energy of all the Egyptian Deities but most especially RA. She is a Divine Feminine Expert, an Egyptian High Priestess, a multi-dimensional channel for Amun-RA, Isis, other Egyptian Deities, many Ascended Masters, Archangels and Beings of Light 

Bonus 1
Guided Meditation Balance Your Chakra System

Bonus 2
Guided Meditation 
The Love Pink

Bonus 3
Guided Meditation How To Raise Your Set Point Vibration

I was initiated into the High Priestess of Isis Order through Madalyn and Rosalie in 2017. Nine months of preparation as well as other classes have prepared me for the journey to the crystal alter at Giza. I was prepared and also a soul knows how to be ready.
I surprised myself and it was surreal, but this is what I felt. As I processed toward this sacred portal, I began my meditation of what I wanted to accomplish there. My life has had negatives, but I was so happy to acknowledge that not one negative aspect or detail popped into my head. I’m proud that my soul was shining past all of that.

I prayed, “I AM that I AM. I AM a High Priestess of Isis. I AM the beauty way. I AM a mentor for transformation. I AM my purpose. I AM a beacon. I AM a bright light. I have peace. I AM joy. I AM healthy.” I repeated this as I circled the altar. I felt some emotion, but I was surprisingly stoic in a strength of knowing and honor.  

I felt some emotion, but I was surprisingly stoic in a strength of knowing and honor. Also, what I found out later in the week is that I needed that healing to open my first and second chakras for the high healing that I received in total. I look forward to meditation on that moment as I required healing to feel the deeper and most terrific healing that the crystal alter opened for me. It was an unforgettable moment in my life. I still can’t comprehend what it gave me and the importance of it. I am so thankful. Thank you from my heart. 

With Love, Kelly Pedersen -MT, USA
What a week this has been! I came here with very little head knowledge about all that I heard and experienced here; however, my heart knew something, and the tears started flowing the moment I met my brother, Hassanein, and he said, “Welcome home.” I’ve had many questions and I don’t have all the answers yet; however, I am excited to return home with essences to continue my work as part of my mission when we went to the special place with Sekhmet. I was overwhelmed with a “welcome home” sense. Hassanein sensed that I wanted to go in again by myself and he made it happen. The eyes of Sekhmet-oh they connected with mine and I felt seen and loved.

When we went to the Isis Temple, I felt as if I had played there as a child. Like I had maybe played hide and seek there with music, dancing and such child like freedom and joy. As I was feeling this, the guide started explaining that was what the drawings on the wall were about. I heard my mother, Isis, say it was okay to be child like and to just enjoy the moment and I did.
There were many special moments this week as I felt like family here. The love, honor and respect from Madalyn and Hassanein and all the other people was overwhelming. I have never felt so taken care of and protected. I am very grateful for an experience that I would never have had without meeting Madalyn! 
This part of my journey of life has now been complete and I look forward to how it has transformed me and will affect all that are in my life!
Much Love - Barb Gibson, MI, USA
PS. When I went to the crystal altar, I did work for both myself and husband who passed away 13 years ago. I felt a connection with my husband and a shift in his freedom to have left me. 
       "The first time I got close to the pyramids, riding on the back of a camel yesterday, I heard, “Welcome Home” as tears streamed down my face. Today, visiting the Crystal altar, it felt like I had come back to finish something that had been set in motion long, long ago. There was a sense of piercing through time and space as I felt myself standing there in this time and others simultaneously in different embodiments.

 There are no words to adequately express my gratitude to the holy man and Madalyn for their immense hospitality and kindness. I felt safe and nurtured and honored in their presence. I am so excited to see the profound changes in my life as my path unfold beyond this moment.
Thank you to you both for all that you have offered me, and in turn, all in existence. You are forever in my heart. I love you both and honor you deeply." Thank you with love. – Cindy Rose

"For many years, my soul has been calling to find my true self. I know I manifested this trip here to Egypt. Everything quickly and perfectly came into alignment once the holy man spoke the words, “I’ll see you in Egypt.” 

I came here to first fall in love with myself and to receive healing in mind body and soul. Once here I was greeted with much love from the holy man, Maddie, the holy man’s staff; and love from the land and its people and life. I am now in a place of peace, hope and joy. 

All sorrow, despair and darkness has fallen away. I know I am in a place to help heal the brokenhearted with unconditional love flowing through me. I am very grateful this day for all my experience from past, present and future." Heart Love- Debbie O’Toole, 
"What a neat experience to share with such wonderful people. So much love on this journey. It was amazing experiencing the Egyptian culture. There is something new to learn every day. We always felt safe and comfortable. I thank all my friends who made the trip so special. 

 Hassanein and Maddie took great care of us and were always making sure we had the best experiences possible. For part of my trip, I was sick and everyone was so kind and made sure I had what I needed. 

 I will miss the love and good times. My favorite part was riding horses by the pyramids. Thank you!!! Much Love!! "
Love, Kady Wilmer, Colorado

  •  Be at Different Isis Temples, Sakkara, Memphis, Great Pyramids at Giza , Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Nile Cruise, Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Kom Ombo, Aswan, Dendara, Karnak, West Bank, East Bank
  •  Concierge Escort at airport
  •  5 Star Lodging and-transportation
  •  Meals-Continental Breakfast, variety lunches/dinners as covered on the itinerary. 
  •  Ride a camel or Arabian horse 
  •  Cairo -Visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Old Cairo, Citadel Mohamed Ali Mosque, and the Coptic Museum
  •  Internationally Famous Light and Sound Show -Spend a dazzling evening watching the light and sound show 
  •  Group Participation -We will be together for meditation and spiritual experiences through combined consciousness during different meditation involving private and group healing sessions 
  • CHANNELING SESSIONS with Rajenaira Madalyn’s Guides - Isis and Amun-Ra, Ascended Masters, Arch Angels & other Beings of Light. Q&A
  •  The Godfather will hold a private sacred toning ceremony
• Twin Flame Activation and Healing
• Special Global Healing & Meditations
• Portal Openings to Facilitate Raising Vibrational Energy Healing of All Trapped Energies from all Time Lines Multi-Dimensional
• Ceremonial shamanic anchoring of continual shifting in energies floating high above the lands and sacred places
• Sacred Sites in Egypt - The Great Pyramids and Others down the Nile
• Crystalline Light Body Activation
• Ancient Egyptian Mystical Initiations
• Spiritual Symbols Download
• Secret Keys to Unlock the Pyramid Codes
• Awaken the Divine Feminine Heart Center
• Create Our Unity of One-ness

Our Different Packages:

VIP Spiritual Retreat Journey 

Fresh Start Special Healing Package - Option 1

Crystal Altar Healing Package includes Fresh Start Special Healing Package - Option 2

Early Registration Ends May 19, 2020
11 Extra Special VIP Days with Us in Egypt 
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